Trans Family Building

From planning for fertility before transition to advocating for yourself in the fertility doctor’s office to supporting your family once you form it.

Family Equality, along with partner organization Fertility IQ, is here to help transgender and gender non-conforming members of the LGBTQ+ community who are interested in becoming parents or growing their families find the resources they need on their path to parenthood.

Drawn from dozens of medical and academic studies as well as personal experiences, the resources below cover a wide variety of topics related to trans fertility—including understanding how hormones impact fertility, when and how to preserve your fertility if you’re going to transition, and how to get emotional support throughout your family-building process. There are also resources for helping trans and gender-nonconforming people advocate for themselves within medical spaces and build resiliency when dealing with hardships related to the family-building process.

About Family Equality and Fertility IQ

This project is brought to you by a partnership between Fertility IQ—an organization that provides prospective parents with information and resources—and Family Equality. With a desire to reach and support the trans community, Fertility IQ founders Deborah and Jake Anderson-Bialis reached out to Family Equality to create a place where safe, accurate, inclusive fertility information was put directly into the hands of the trans community.

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Additional Trans Family-Building Resources

Trans Family Building Blog Posts

Trans Women and Fertility: What We Know, What We Don’t Know, and What You Can Do

“Can I hold him?” she asks, tenuously extending her arms. “Of course!” I say, and gently place my 6-month-old baby in her tender grip. Her eyes flood with tears. “I just never thought someone like us could have a baby. And now…it’s too late for me.”

Transgender Youth & Fertility: How and Why We Should Plan for the Future

Here at Family Equality, we believe that everyone should be able to build a happy, thriving family on their own terms. But what does that mission mean for transgender youth?

What Doesn’t Bend, Breaks: Resiliency Strategies for Trans Folks on Fertility Journeys

“Your ultrasound technician called me by the wrong pronoun. She was lovely the rest of the time, but I’m sure you know that it’s not acceptable for that to happen.”

Going from “Daddy” to “Mommy”: What Will I Tell My Kids?

For those of us who are transgender, our relationship with self may be complicated. I became a parent long after I realized I was transgender and long after I had taken steps to transition physically. But for people who are already parents, grappling with a shifting identity—or decision to transition—may be doubly complicated.

Talking Trans With Your Kids

“What do you mean? Your dad had a baby? That’s impossible!” As a transgender parent, I know my kids get asked a lot of questions about their family. Most of these questions come from innocent curiosity, but occasionally, malice sneaks in.

Family Equality Tells Trans Fertility Stories with HuffPost’s IVFML Podcast

One of our great gifts at Family Equality is the opportunities we get to partner creatively with genius storytellers. In 2018, we got an email from Anna Almendrala, who, at the time, was a writer for HuffPost.

🎧 Listen: Trans Family-Building on Outspoken Voices

Biology Doesn’t Define Our Family

Explore what it’s like being the non-gestational or non-biological parent—at home and to the outside world.

People with Trans Parents

The impact that a parent’s transition or gender identity has on a family can be profound—and can be a powerful moment of love and truth.

Trans Dads

Two activists and trans dads talk about their experiences, finding community, and falling in love with their kids.

Queering the Campaign Trail

Two transgender parents who ran for local office in 2018 share their experiences of hitting the campaign trail, families in tow.

Supporting Trans Pregnancy

Family Equality believes everyone deserves to grow and sustain their family—even and especially transgender people who want to have biological children. Two trans dads share their pregnancy journeys.