Male Reproductive Health

Many men simply do not take a pro-active approach to their own healthcare. This includes issues with reproductive health and infertility, too! The good news is that many problems are easily corrected. If you're reading this handbook either you or your partner may be concerned about male factor infertility. Our handbook can help you take the first step towards information and support about this issue. It simply matters that someone does.

This handbook can help you take that very first step towards parenthood. If you need more information, Path2Parenthood is here for you.

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“Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer” is a cutting-edge, eight-episode web series designed to provide men with essential, easily digestible information about male reproductive health. Each segment is two to three minutes long and features Natan Bar-Chama, M.D. of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York and the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Stanton Honig, M.D. of Yale Urology; Ajay Nanjia, M.D. of the University of Kansas Medical Center and Paul Shin, M.D. of Shady Grove Fertility and Reproductive Science Center, sitting around a table, drinking beer after a long day at the office, and talking about key subjects of concern to men.

EPISODE ONE: Ball Handling 101: How to Avoid (The C Word)

Mark McGrath intros the Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Series

Ready for Episode Two? Watch Big Delts and Baby Balls: Why You Should Avoid Steroids

Ready for Episode Three? Watch Erectile Denial

Ready for Episode Four? Watch “That Doesn't Look All!”

Ready for Episode Five? Watch If You're Taking Testosterone Supplements (without a doctor's ok) YOU'RE INSANE! ...This is Why.

Ready for Episode Six? Watch Three Joints vs. YOUR Joint

Ready for Episode Seven? Watch How Healthy Are My Swimmers?

Ready for Episode Eight? Watch Cup It

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