Frank Golden has a B.S. in Management, and over 15 years of expert level knowledge in the customer service industry. Throughout his career in various roles Frank was tasked with developing innovative processes to streamline the customer experience. Inspired by the success of his own journey to become a father Frank joined with his Husband Adam to establish a third-party reproductive consulting agency: Golden Surrogacy. The pair now works passionately to assist all loving couples and individuals who wish to follow in their footsteps.

As Program Director of Golden Surrogacy, Frank meticulously oversees the entire journey from beginning to end. He conducts all initial candidate pre-screening for agency admittance, as well as coordinates all outside psychological and medical testing with the chosen fertility clinic. In addition to the screening process, he spends time building rapport with his Intended Parents and Surrogates in hopes of tailoring the perfect match. Frank believes that everyone involved needs to share an element of chemistry, and must be passionately committed to the same goals.

Frank serves on the Board of Directors for Path2Parenthood, and is also a representative on the Corporate Member Council of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). In addition, Frank is a professional member with RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association and his agency is A+ accredited with the Better Business Bureau. In furtherance of promoting education for gay parenting options, Golden Surrogacy is a major supporter of the not-for profit organization Men Having Babies; listed as one of their highly rated service providers.

The mission of Golden Surrogacy is guided by a fundamental philosophy: Everyone Deserves a Family®. Frank has become a leading resource for those who wish to pursue a path to parenthood through surrogacy.