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Who would think that Birds and the Bees could be so complicated? Learn everything you need to know about infertility treatments, family building options and all other aspects of trying to conceive.


When is a women most fertile?


A woman’s most fertile period is typically several days (usually no more than 5-6) ending on the day after ovulation.

What is ovulation?


Ovulation is the term used to define the release of an egg (usually one, though sometimes more) from a woman’s ovary. Conception occurs when a sperm fertilizes the egg.

I've found an egg donor- what should I do next?


One of your first steps should be to enter into a written agreement with your donor setting forth the expectations and intentions of both you and the donor before, during, and after the egg retrieval attempt.  Addressing these issues up front will hopefully avoid conflict or surprise later on in the process.

Can all fertility-related problems be diagnosed?


While there is treatment for many fertility problems faced by both men and women, 20% of these couples will be given a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility.’ Although this does not mean that a couple will not be able to conceive, it does make it frustrating for both the couple and the physician treating the couple.

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