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Cup It

by Path2Parenthood

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode Eight:If you're a guy into playing sports, extreme or otherwise, you need to cup your junk. Find out why from the Nerds. Miss any...

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My Brag

by Path2Parenthood

My Brag January 2014 I'm sitting here getting ready to pop on a plane and attend Path2Parenthood's staff retreat in NYC. Of course, my husband has a double ear...

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Fact Sheets

Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is a relatively new form of reproductive medicine which has proven to be life altering for cancer patients as well as other individuals, both men and women, who...

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Does smoking harm fertility?

Yes! Smoking ups the likelihood of a tubal pregnancies, cervical cancer and pelvic infections. Some studies show that in vitro fertilization, the leading assisted reproductive technology, has a lower success...

What are my chances of conceiving?

A healthy woman who is 30 years of age and trying to conceive will have a 20% chance each month of conceiving, while a healthy woman who is 40 years of age will...

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Learning Module

Yoga for Fertility

by Brenda Strong

Brenda Strong can be seen (and heard) as Mary-Alice Young, the all-knowing narrator of ABC's smash hit "Desperate Housewives." While Strong's seemingly-perfect character committed suicide in the premiere episode, she...

How Old is Too Old

by Alan Penzias, MD

Dr. Alan S. Penzias, the Surgical Director of the Surgery Center of Waltham, a division of Boston IVF, has been in practice for over 15 years. He's Board Certified in Reproductive...

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