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Dreams to Reality:

Family Building for Individuals Living with HIV

Advancements in drug therapy and treatment have helped people with the HIV virus to live longer, fuller, and healthier lives. Once a life-threatening disease, HIV is now known to be a chronic illness that can be managed with medication. Today, you can fulfill your dream of having a genetically-linked child even if you are HIV positive. Whether you are male or female, LGBT or straight, there are several options available to you if you want to be a parent.

Success rates with fertility treatments have risen exponentially, along with cutting-edge reproductive techniques like sperm washingthat dramatically reduce the risk of infection to the mother and unborn child. New antiretroviral drug protocols are proving successful for women with HIV who become pregnant. Adoption and foster care adoption are also wonderful ways to create a family with a child or children who are waiting for you.

It is our goal – through our “Dreams to Reality” initiative – to provide the most cutting-edge thinking about HIV and parenthood for both patients and the dedicated healthcare professionals who treat them.


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