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The Full Circle of Fertility...Why You Should Break Up With Your Gynecologist (And Why You Should Go Back)

If you've ever wondered what the real differences are between gynecologists and reproductive endocrinologists, or what they really think about infertility and patient care, this video is a must-watch for you. A casual, relaxed conversation between reproductive endocrinologist, Millie Behera, M.D. and obstetric gynecologist, Julieann Heathcott, M.D., topics covered include the kinds of infertility treatment gynecologists and specialists...

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Advancing Men's Reproductive Health in the United States

This report contains a summary of presentations and discussions from the meeting, "Advancing Men's Reproductive Health in the United States: Current Status and Future Directions." The meeting was originally planned to help CDC staff and our Federal colleagues gain insights into the emerging areas of public health activities related to male reproductive health.

What began as a "brown bag"...

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Egg Quality: A Key Piece of the Infertility Puzzle

Dr. Alan S. Penzias, Surgical Director of the Surgery Center of Waltham, a division of Boston IVF and Co-Chair of Path2Parenthood's Board of Directors, discusses the impact of egg quality on fertility potential, in this short, informative video. Path2Parenthood thanks OvaScience, a life sciences company, for their generous support of this project.

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Mood Symptoms During Fertility Treatment: The Role of Hormones

Fertility treatment often involves invasive, time-consuming tests and procedures, and complicated medication schedules-all of which add to the stress of the diagnosis. There have been many studies investigating the effects of infertility and its treatments that suggest an increase in distress as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety in infertile women. The psychological effect of the hormones women take...

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