Category: Third Party Reproduction

Myth or Fact: Are Egg Donor Agreements Necessary?

With the explosion in the use of donor eggs as a viable method of assisted reproduction, the medical and legal world entered a new era of third party reproduction. Because of the changing landscape of third party reproduction in general, and egg donation in particular, novel legal disputes and conflicting resolutions between the states have emerged and will continue to...

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How Many is Too Many? Responsible Embryo Transfer

Lowell T. Ku, M.D. of Dallas IVF explains why it is important to avoid conception of high order multiples, and gives specific information as to the guidelines for responsible embryo transfer in this short and important video.

This video is made possible by a grant from Attain Fertility® Centers, an IntegraMed Specialty and provider of the Attain® IVF Programs.<...

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Transitioning from IVF to a Donor Egg Cycle

This video is made possible by a grant from Fertility Source Companies. Click here to receive your complimentary discount from The Donor SOURCE or The Surrogacy SOURCE

Making the Decision. The decision to move on from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to a donor egg IVF cycle is a very personal one. You may see your funds running out, with no clear...

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Reproductive Options for Gay Women

For gay women, there are a number of viable routes to consider when achieving parenthood is the goal. Many women will explore the concept of at home insemination versus intrauterine insemination performed in a doctor's office, and others will find themselves pondering the benefits of reciprocal IVF. If you opt to create your family through a biological route as opposed...

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Out of the Dish

Talking to Children About Their IVF Origins In The Beginning

It's been nearly a quarter of a century since Louise Brown of Great Britain provoked global controversy simply by being born. Louise was a typically adorable, photogenic infant whose conception in a Petri dish made her the cover story of 1978, "The World's First Test Tube Baby."

How times have...

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Myth Busters on Egg Donation

Myths surrounding gamete donation, like urban legends, are told and retold as truths when, in fact, they have little or no basis in reality. Most of the time they are false but some of the time there is an element of truth which serves not only to scare and confuse intended parents but to fuel the myth. Gamete donation practices...

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