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Developing a Relationship with Intended Parents (That Really Works): A Guide for Surrogates

Becoming a surrogate mother, (also known as a gestational surrogate), can be an awesome, life changing experience. The relationship between a surrogate, and the intended parents (IPs) she works with, is a pivotal one. Like all good relationships, this very important connection requires effort, and the establishment of ground rules, boundaries, and expectations. Just like those of the IPs...

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invitro fertilization fact sheet

If you are planning on working with an egg donor and a gestational carrier as a means to have a baby, In Vitro Fertilization will be the technique utilized. Learn more about it by downloading our In Vitro Fertilization Fact Sheet for men!

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U.S. Tax Court Clarifies Egg Donor Income Questions

On January 22, 2015, the United States Tax Court held that an egg donor's compensation, despite being characterized as "pain and suffering," is not excludable from income but is taxable, gross income, as defined under the IRS code ("I.R.C."). The full opinion can be accessed here.

Nicole Perez, the petitioner in this case, underwent two egg donation cycles in 2009. Perez...

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Why Do You Need a Lawyer, Anyway?

Why Do You Need a Lawyer, Anyways?

As you travel through your journey towards parenthood, talking to a lawyer may not be at the top of your list - medical professionals, your insurance company, a support group - but attorneys? Yet, particularly when you are using donated eggs, sperm or embryos, surrogacy, or are not married, an attorney may...

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Doctor, Patient, and Dad

As a reproductive endocrinologist at a large IVF practice, I am responsible for our third party reproduction program where we have an anonymous egg donation program. Over the years we have often discussed; what do children born from donor sperm and donor egg need to know (and have the right to know)? Now, as a parent of a donor-conceived child,...

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