Category: Parenting After Infertility

Yours or Mine?

By Melissa B. Brisman, Esq. and Nancy M. Hartzband, Esq.

While it's a safe bet that it won't be the most romantic activity pursued on Valentine's Day, couples may want to think about their cyropreserved (frozen) embryos, to be sure that they are on "the same page" and that their intentions for future use and disposition have been addressed...

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Parenting After Infertility

DURING INFERTILITY TREATMENT THE PURSUIT OF PARENTHOOD FAR TOO OFTEN GETS LOST IN THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF TREATMENT. THE DREAM OF HAVING A CHILD IS OFTEN CLOUDED BY THE NEED TO ACHIEVE A PREGNANCY. Fortunately, many women and men do emerge from fertility treatment into the world of parenthood. For some, this uncharted world is a challenge to navigate...

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A Dozen Myths of Parenting After Infertility

The anticipated joy of parenthood when so long awaited, can create expectations that can be rather unrealistic, both of ourselves and our children. Following are twelve common myths of parenting after experiencing a fertility challenge:

1. Once I have a child I won't even remember our infertility.

The pain of experiencing infertility runs very deep. Although never forgotten,...

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