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Erectile Denial

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode Three: Erectile Denial

Erectile dysfunction is a disease and an early warning signal - the incidence of having a heart attack later on in life is much higher for guys who have ED. What lots of guys don't know is that it's also a spectrum with stages, not just about never being able to...

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Big Delts & Baby Balls - Why You Should Avoid Steroids

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode Two:

Sure, you want to up your game. What guy doesn't want to be bigger and faster? But if you're planning on taking steroids to get there the price is high: Potential repercussions from steroid use include*:

Shooting Blanks - Forever Teeny, tiny itsy bitsy balls Crater-Face Level Acne and Gross, Oily...

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Treatment Options for Patients with Ejaculatory Dysfunction

Despite much less attention than erectile dysfunction and other male fertility problems, ejaculatory dysfunction can be one of the most frustrating sexual symptoms a patient can experience.

The purpose of ejaculation is to deposit sperm into the vagina for reproduction, and most men with these problems seeking an evaluation are younger patients desiring fertility. Ejaculatory dysfunction can be characterized...

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Ball Handling 101: How to Avoid (The C Word)

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode One:

Testicular cancer - cancer in your balls - is the most common cancer in 15-to-35 year old men, AND it's almost always curable if you catch it early. The easiest way is to check your balls once a month.

Testicular Self Exam Pointers

Go for it right after a hot shower...

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Known Sperm Donor

Working with a sperm donor that you have any kind of relationship with is very different than finding one through a cryobank.

Because of the extensive amount of information required by sperm-or cryobanks, in order to become a donor, ironically, the cryobanks actually know more about their donors than the donors may know about themselves! This information is gleaned...

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America's (Human Papilloma Virus) HPV Vaccination Rate: A National Shame

Healthy People 2020, the US government's set of health goals for the nation, includes a target male Human Papilloma Virus or HPV vaccination rate of 80% by 2020.[1] That rate in 2013 was estimated to be about 14%.[2]

In stark contrast, the adolescent HPV vaccination rate in Australia is about 85%[3], resulting in the claim that the incidence of cervical cancer has been virtually...

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Advancing Men's Reproductive Health in the United States

This report contains a summary of presentations and discussions from the meeting, "Advancing Men's Reproductive Health in the United States: Current Status and Future Directions." The meeting was originally planned to help CDC staff and our Federal colleagues gain insights into the emerging areas of public health activities related to male reproductive health.

What began as a "brown bag"...

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War and Male Genital Trauma

By: Steve Waxman MD, JD

The opinions or assertions contained herein are the private views of the author and are not to be construed as official or as reflecting the views of the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade have resulted in over 50,000 United States combat...

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