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Developing a Relationship with Intended Parents (That Really Works): A Guide for Surrogates

Becoming a surrogate mother, (also known as a gestational surrogate), can be an awesome, life changing experience. The relationship between a surrogate, and the intended parents (IPs) she works with, is a pivotal one. Like all good relationships, this very important connection requires effort, and the establishment of ground rules, boundaries, and expectations. Just like those of the IPs...

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Gay Man's Guide to Becoming a Dad

This informational handbook is designed to give you an overview about family building for gay men.

For gay men who wish to be dads, surrogacy and egg donation are viable routes to parenthood, as is adoption.

If you are thinking about becoming a dad and considering all your options, this is a very exciting time for you. Whether you are...

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Path2Parenthood's Gay Woman's Guide to Becoming a Mom

This informational handbook is designed to give you an overview about family building for lesbian women. For lesbians, there are a number of viable routes that can be considered when achieving motherhood is the goal. Whether you are part of a couple or a single woman, your first decision will be to determine if you wish to have a biologically...

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The Psychological Implications of Reciprocal IVF

By Elaine R. Gordon, Ph.D. and Deborah Simmons, Ph.D.

with Richard Vaughn, Esq.

Reciprocal IVF can be a wonderful family formation option for lesbian couples. But as with any plan to form a family through assisted reproduction, it is important to do your homework, which includes examining your particular situation relative to psychological, emotional, medical, legal and financial...

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invitro fertilization fact sheet

If you are planning on working with an egg donor and a gestational carrier as a means to have a baby, In Vitro Fertilization will be the technique utilized. Learn more about it by downloading our In Vitro Fertilization Fact Sheet for men!

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