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Coal Mining Deregulation and Its Potential Impact on National Reproductive Health

The Problem

Senate Republicans, under the auspices of our current administration, voted to dismantle the Stream Protection Rule (SPR) in 2017. SPR was a significant achievement, and pivotal element of the Obama-era’s body of environmental safeguard legislation. SPR required coal mining companies to monitor the environmental effects caused by mining, and to restore mined areas back to their original, p...

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Hearts and Eggs

On this Valentine’s Day, freezing your eggs may be the best gift you can give to yourself. Although egg freezing is technically a medical procedure, research has indicated that it may provide great emotional benefits for those who wish to postpone pregnancy.

There has been a steady rise in society’s acceptance and excitement around egg freezing. People can now...

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Path2Parenthood's Infertility Prevention Handbook

This informational booklet will give you some of the tools you need to make educated decisions about your reproductive health, in the hopes that you can avoid certain types of infertility later on, if motherhood is a goal. Knowledge of your biological clock, STD prevention and avoiding environmental toxins can help stack the odds in your favor.

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Testicular Self-Examination

Testicular Self-Examination

by Peter N. Kolettis, M.D., Professor, Division of Urology, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Testis cancer is the most common solid tumor for men in their reproductive years. Testis tumors can grow rapidly, so prompt detection and treatment are critical. If detected early, most men with testis cancer can be cured of the disease. Although...

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Cup It

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode Eight:

If you're a guy into playing sports, extreme or otherwise, you need to cup your junk. Find out why from the Nerds.

Miss any episodes of Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer? Roll back to episode 1, here.


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“That Doesn't Look All!”

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode Four:

How do you get your little head in sync with your big head? If you're like most guys, you probably never will. Even so, you have GOT to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Use a condom. It's that simple. And by the way, getting an STD will not only screw up your junk,...

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Big Delts & Baby Balls - Why You Should Avoid Steroids

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode Two:

Sure, you want to up your game. What guy doesn't want to be bigger and faster? But if you're planning on taking steroids to get there the price is high: Potential repercussions from steroid use include*:

Shooting Blanks - Forever Teeny, tiny itsy bitsy balls Crater-Face Level Acne and Gross, Oily...

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America's (Human Papilloma Virus) HPV Vaccination Rate: A National Shame

Healthy People 2020, the US government's set of health goals for the nation, includes a target male Human Papilloma Virus or HPV vaccination rate of 80% by 2020.[1] That rate in 2013 was estimated to be about 14%.[2]

In stark contrast, the adolescent HPV vaccination rate in Australia is about 85%[3], resulting in the claim that the incidence of cervical cancer has been virtually...

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