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Shifting Gears: The Adoption Option

It's your first IVF cycle and you're feeling pretty good about the chances of conceiving. Or you're heading into your fourth at bat and your confidence is getting shaky. Maybe you're looking at your sixth in vitro go-round and disappointment, anger and grief are bursting through a dam of denial.

You may be at any point on that assisted reproductive...

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Adopting an Older Child from Foster Care

Home. T.S. Eliot said, "Home is where one starts from." Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz wistfully repeated, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home." And when tuning into any radio station, it only take a few minutes to hear lyrics like Michael Buble's as he sings, "I just wanna go home. Let me go home....

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Are You (Almost) Ready to Adopt?

How many people trying to get pregnant can say they are truly ready to have a baby? I don't have statistics on this, but between the people I know and the patients I've seen, very few first-time parents know what they are getting into. Our babies come home and life as we know it is changed forever. We spend years...

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Every Child Is Adoptable

At age 16, after 12 years in foster care and with her 18th birthday nearing, Amanda was asked by a judge, "What do you want?" Never having been asked that question before, through all the court hearings and meetings that had occurred on her behalf, Amanda looked at the judge and said "I want what everyone wants. I want a family. I...

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Foster Care Adoption Today

Foster Care Adoption Quick Facts:

• Foster care adoption is the adoption of a child from the U.S. foster care system who is legally available for adoption and whose birthparents' rights have been permanently terminated by the court.

• Children enter the public foster care system through no fault of their own, as a result of abuse (phy...

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Independent Adoption as an Option

After deciding to pursue domestic adoption as the way to build a family, adoptive parents will confront the question of whether they should try to locate their child through an adoption agency, or independently, without the assistance (and cost) of an adoption agency.

Independent (sometimes called private-placement or direct placement) adoption is an attractive choice for many reasons. Too...

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The Framework of Adoption

The framework of adoption in the United States changed drastically in 2008 when the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption became effective in the United States. Not only does the Hague Convention alter the adoption process for U.S. citizens wishing to adopt internationally, the Convention also impacts non- U.S. citizens residing in the U.S. who wish to adopt domestically...

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The Role of the Pediatrician in the Adoption Process: Before, During and After an Adoption

Starting about 10 years ago, in response to the markedly increased numbers of children being adopted from abroad, a minor sub-specialty emerged in the field of pediatrics, pediatricians interested in adoptions, or "adoption pediatricians." In 2000, The American Academy of Pediatrics recognized this new group, The Section on Adoption and Foster Care. This section of the Academy is "…dedicated to improving the h...

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