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Path2Parenthood's Gay Woman's Guide to Becoming a Mom

This informational handbook is designed to give you an overview about family building for lesbian women. For lesbians, there are a number of viable routes that can be considered when achieving motherhood is the goal. Whether you are part of a couple or a single woman, your first decision will be to determine if you wish to have a biologically...

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The Adoption Homestudy for Same-Sex Couples

Stories about couples readying themselves for their adoption home study are legion. Couples have been known to repaint their apartments, scrub between the bathroom tiles with an old toothbrush, and make sure there are cookies baking in the oven when the social worker arrives.

But what is the purpose of an adoption home study? It is designed to meet state...

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Domestic Adoption

There are two ways to adopt infants domestically in the United States, either through an adoption agency or via independent adoption, which relies upon the services of an attorney.

If you wish to work with an agency, you will sign on as a client and undergo an adoption home study, as well as prepare a profile about yourself and your...

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Once I Adopt, Will I Think About Adoption All The Time?

Parents are parents and they think about their children all the time. Whether you've adopted or given birth, your role is one of protector, teacher, and nurturer. In this role, you see everyday life through your eyes and the eyes of your child. You manage activities, meal plans, play dates, household affairs, family, friends, and community, and are always aware...

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The Love of Two Grandmothers

Awestruck by the birth of her first grandbaby, one grandmother was shocked when she realized her tears were not those of joy, but of sadness. Realizing her grandbaby looked nothing like her brought back all of the struggles of her own infertility. Like lightening striking, she understood for the first time what it must have been like for her daughter...

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Positive Adoption Language: Why It's So Important

Words have the power to shape the way we feel about things. The words we choose when we talk about adoption affect us all, whether we are adoptive parents, birthparents, adopted children, or anyone else whose life is touched by adoption-and that includes just about everyone.

When we talk about how a flower smells, we can use the word ...

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Ten Myths about Adoption

Adoption is an emotionally charged topic. Throw in some misinformation and a whopping dose of the stuff tabloids are made of and it's hard to separate myth from fact. So sit back, get comfortable, and learn the truth about building a family through adoption.

1. MYTH: There are no kids to adopt.

FACT: There are children of all...

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When You Come to a Fork in the Road...

Now, just as Yogi Berra implied, when you reach that fork in the road, you are expected to make a choice and make a move. It can be useful for couples experiencing fertility challenges to discuss their feelings about various family building options and develop a tentative Plan B before reaching their treatment limit to remove the pressure of feeling...

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