Coal Mining Deregulation and Its Potential Impact on National Reproductive Health

The Problem

Senate Republicans, under the auspices of our current administration, voted to dismantle the Stream Protection Rule (SPR) in 2017. SPR was a significant achievement, and pivotal element of the Obama-era’s body of environmental safeguard legislation. SPR required coal mining companies to monitor the environmental effects caused by mining, and to restore mined areas back to their original, p...

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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Infertility

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that is responsive to changes in the season. Usually it is associated with the beginning of autumn or winter, and people often attribute it to the winter “blues”. Although we don’t know the specific causes of SAD, several theories attribute its cause to the decrease in sunlight, which may disru...

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Developing a Relationship with Intended Parents (That Really Works): A Guide for Surrogates

Becoming a surrogate mother, (also known as a gestational surrogate), can be an awesome, life changing experience. The relationship between a surrogate, and the intended parents (IPs) she works with, is a pivotal one. Like all good relationships, this very important connection requires effort, and the establishment of ground rules, boundaries, and expectations. Just like those of the IPs...

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Hearts and Eggs

On this Valentine’s Day, freezing your eggs may be the best gift you can give to yourself. Although egg freezing is technically a medical procedure, research has indicated that it may provide great emotional benefits.

There has been a steady rise in society’s acceptance and excitement around egg freezing. Women can now elect to cryopreserve their eggs in ord...

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Surviving Mother's and Father's Day

Mother's and Father's Day may be holidays invented by the Hallmark Card Company, but it doesn't mean this commemoration of parenthood doesn't still have meaning. For many of us, the attitudes we hold toward any holiday stem from childhood memories of the rituals and sentiments about the day that our parents have created or passed down from their own families....

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