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Who Is A Parent?

by Bob Bamman, LCSW

A really good question! This age of political correctness demands us to use terms that accurately reflect the reality of the referenced situation. Hence, the uproar some years ago when...

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The Love of Two Grandmothers

by Dawn Smith-Pliner

Awestruck by the birth of her first grandbaby, one grandmother was shocked when she realized her tears were not those of joy, but of sadness. Realizing her grandbaby looked nothing...

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Mean Green

by Path2Parenthood

Mean Green March 2014 As March Madness comes to an end, many among us realize that April 15th is almost here. That last-minute scurry for receipts stuck in the...

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What is independent adoption?

Independent adoption, sometimes called private-placement or direct placement, is without the assistance of an adoption agency.

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