Family Building

Hopeful parents all want the same thing- a child. Beyond that similarity, creating a family is a unique journey for everyone. The American Fertility Association is here to guide you through the process, and hopefully towards parenthood.






Adopting is a wonderful option, and an incredible way to start a family.

Infertility Prevention

You might not be ready for children now, but there are steps you can take to help protect your fertility for the future.

LGBT Family Building

Everyone has the right to have a family. The AFA is the most comprehensive resource for LGBT family building.

Male Reproductive Health

It's time to man up, and talk about infertility because 40% of the time male infertility is the cause.


While 25% of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage, most women will go on to have a healthy baby.

Trying To Conceive

Deciding to start a family is an exciting time. Here you can learn more trying to conceive.