FREE Phone Class November 20th - "Don't Worry! Be Happy!"

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Trying to live Bob Marley's lyrics; "DON'T WORRY! BE HAPPY!"  




Holidays: Here we are again.. Family, Merry, Happy, Cooking, Entertaining, Shopping and

C H I L D R E N...  all come to mind . But for many of us it's bittersweet this year pretending that life is good and we're okay without what we want most... children and a family.   


  • HOW can we who are dealing with infertility (the "have nots") engage comfortably with (the haves) while enjoying food, friends and family with our adorable young nieces and nephews?
  • HOW can we participate with energy and laughter feeling good about ourselves while we undergo treatments, waiting periods and results?

Join us in this FREE telephone, coaching group to share concerns and learn helpful hints and strategies for the next challenging weeks. You will receive professional and peer support to help manage your emotions and deal with the holiday burdens and blessings.


WHEN: Wednesday, November 20th

TIME:   9:00 pm to 10:00pm EST



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Emily Laitmon, LCSW provides psychotherapy services to Individuals, Couples and Families in her private practice in NYC and in New Rochelle, NY. She specializes in women's issues and relationships, infertility, couple counseling and loss. She is a coach, facilitator, and workshop leader for AFA, mental health agencies and corporations. She has a daughter through IVF and a son through adoption. Phone (914) 633-4224 and (212)988-2054    

The AFA phone- based coaching groups provide a convenient way to take part in a supportive and educational experience from the comfort of your home or workplace. These groups meet for one hour via conference call. All groups are lead by licensed mental health professionals with an expertise and personal experience in infertility treatment and/or adoption. 

The American Fertility Association (The AFA) is an inclusive organization committed to helping people create their families of choice by providing leading-edge outreach programs and timely educational information. The scope of our work encompasses reproductive and sexual health, infertility prevention and treatment, and family-building options including adoption and third party solutions. The AFA is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization headquartered in New York City.