FREE Telephone Coaching Support Group: Considering Adoption?

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Considering Adoption? 


This telephone coaching support group is for couples and individuals who are exploring the possibility and "how to's" of building a family via adoption. During this one hour conference call you will have the opportunity to receive clear information regarding adoption practices and domestic/international adoption options, explore the myths and challenges of domestic and international adoption, consider which options may be right for you, and learn about the role of birthparents in the adoption process. You will receive professional and peer support as you consider and learn about the adoption option.


WHEN: Thursday, December 12, 2013
TIME: 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM, EST
FACILITATED BY: Bob Bamman, LCSW and Sara Barris, PsyD
For further information, please contact:
Bob Bamman, LCSW - Email:  
Sara Barris, PsyD - Email: Sara  
Phone based coaching groups provide a convenient way for you to take part in a supportive and educational group experience from the comfort of your home or work place.  These groups meet for one hour via conference call.  All groups are led by licensed mental health professionals with an expertise and often personal experience in infertility treatment and/or adoption.  


The American Fertility Association (The AFA) is an inclusive organization committed to helping people create their families of choice by providing leading-edge outreach programs and timely educational information. The scope of our work encompasses reproductive and sexual health, infertility prevention and treatment, and family-building options including adoption and third party solutions. The AFA is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization headquartered in New York City. They can be found online at




Bob Bamman, LCSW: A professional member of the American Fertility Association - Mental Health group and an adoptive parent, Bob conducts workshops addressing the adoption process and the unique aspects of adoptive parenting, provides private infertility/adoption counseling and coaching services, and provides New York State mandated pre-adoption Homestudies. Specialized clinical training includes infertility/adoption training at the Karen Horney Institute, the Center for Family Connections (Cambridge), and the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy. Bob maintains a private practice located in mid-Manhattan (34th St.) working with men, women, couples, and adoptive families.  Phone: 646-872-9032 Email:  

Sara Barris, PsyD:   Sara Barris is a clinical psychologist. Since 1988 she has been highly active in the field of reproductive health issues with an expertise in infertility and adoption   Dr. Barris has written and lectured extensively around the psychological and emotional variables surrounding these issues. She has conducted many workshops in these areas as well. Dr. Barris serves as the co - director of Support Services for The American Fertility Association. In that capacity she has created and co-developed their national telephone coaching support groups. This involves leading groups, training and supervising mental health professionals. Dr. Barris is a part of Dr. Martin Seligman's team at the University of Pennsylvania helping to facilitate the Penn Resilience Prevention Program for children and adolescents. Sara Barris has a full time private practice in Forest Hills, New York . She is a mother through birth and adoption.  Phone: 718-544-0932 Email: Sara