FREE Telephone Support Group - Managing Your STRESS During Infertility Treatments

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“ I work long hours, have some family problems, and am trying to work on our relationship…ALL on top of trying to get pregnant.!!   Is my stress causing my inability to conceive?” 

“ I’m afraid to try another IVF without getting my stress under control.  Are failed IVF cycles causing the stress, or stress causing the failed IVFs?”  

“ I have lots of friends who have huge anxiety and still manage to get pregnant.  My husband says I need therapy to reduce my stress in order to conceive.  Trying to get rid of my stress IS making me more crazy!”

ALL of us are too familiar with the stress that accompanies the infertility journey.  For some of us this tension makes our goals even more difficult to achieve.  We will be sharing our stress and will learn helpful strategies to diffuse and manage our worries and anxieties.  Join us for a FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT session with others who are experiencing similar issues moving towards a successful pregnancy.  

WHEN:   Wednesday, April 24th      

TIME:     9:00 PM  to 10:00 PM,  Eastern time  

For further information and to register, please contact:

Emily Laitmon LCSW    (212) 988-2054, (914) 633-4224        


EMily Laitmon LCSW is a psychotherapist in private practice in New Rochelle and NYC.  Areas of specialization include Women’s Issues, Couple Therapy, Relationships, and Infertility.  She has a daughter through IVF, and a son through Adoption.   She leads support groups and seminars for the American Fertility Association and private corporations, and has published numerous articles on related subjects.  She works with genetic counselors in NYC hospitals with pregnancy termination due to genetic abnormalities.

AFA Support Groups:

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