A Hero for Many People

I was so happy to hear the recent news regarding the birth of a baby girl. The baby’s name is Maile Pearl Bowlsbey. You may have heard of her mother. She is Illinois U.S Senator Tammy Duckworth. In the spirit of full disclosure, I live in Illinois so I have had the pleasure of following her career for m...

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Why Open Adoption?

There are many questions that birth parents and adoptive parents have to consider as they are preparing for their adoption journey. Some of the questions are easier than others to answer and some are very personal and don’t need the approval of the other family. One of the most important questions, and one where the birth family and adoptive f...

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Who Do You Wish to Adopt?

Twenty-six years ago when I was deciding to adopt, I realized I had many decisions to make.

One of the first things my adoption attorney asked me to do was to picture the child I hoped to adopt:Was I looking for a baby of my own race or was I open to other races? How did I feel about...

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Flu recommendations for infertility patients

By Bradley S. Trivax, M.D.

It is recommended that all patients and their family members receive the influenza vaccination unless there is a medical reason not to. The influenza vaccine “flu shot” is safe for both men and women undergoing fertility treatment, including IVF. It can also be given any time before or during pregnancy.

The American College of ...

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