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We came. We saw. We got drenched. (The AFA’s adventures at the T.E.A.L. Walk in Brooklyn)

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by Corey Whelan

I have a request of you.  Please, Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer.  Please do that.  Because this lousy cancer steals women we love.  Today, me and the Big Cheese (we do actually call him that) got to meet some women who kicked cancer’s you know what and also, connect with those left behind, when cancer won.

Today was the T.E.A.L. Walk – Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer.  Sister org TEAL connected with The AFA at Brooklyn Pride last June and asked us to be part of this amazing day.  So Ken and I reached out to Diana Chavkin, M.D., Genesis Fertility’s most recent (and fabulous) addition and asked her to please join us.  Diana (I have to say Diana and not Dr. Chavkin, let’s face it, we boogyed all day in the rain to Rhianna) has a strong focus on onco-fertility and we needed her to be there.

Did I mention it rained?  And by rain I mean typhoon.  By rain I mean, was that a tornado?  By rain what I really mean is I can’t believe how drenched we got.

Astonishingly, when it was time for the Walk to begin, the rain stopped.  Hundreds of people got out there to do their thing in the mud.  And several hours later, we were almost dry.  (It really rained, people.)

You know what?  Brooklyn rocks.  Nothing stops Brooklyn.  We show up.  We show up when our neighbor is diagnosed with cancer, or Alzheimer’s.  We show up when a sister org wants us to, even if the weather is insane.  We show up.  You know what?  So does The AFA.  We show up too, for patients, and our community, no matter what.  I like that about us.  Ask Ken.  He got to Brooklyn by way of Phoenix on a day when the F train wasn’t running.  True story.

Please, tell every amazing lady that she can win against cancer.  Tell her that amazing doctors, like my dance partner, can do unbelievable things to safeguard her fertility when the clock is ticking.  Tell her not to give up hope. 

Tell her not to give up hope. 

Don’t forget to tell.


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