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Adoption and Collaboration Reproduction – which path is right for you?

Both adoption and collaborative reproduction (fertility options that involve third parties, such as gamete donors and gestational surrogates) provide the means to create or expand your family. While it is great to have a choice when it comes to family building, having choices can also make it difficult to come to a decision. This blg will compare and contrast some...

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Grafting a New Branch Onto the Family Tree: Let’s Begin with Language

Words are powerful. Anyone who has ever had a friend or family member adopt a child knows how important it is to use what is commonly known as "Positive Adoption Language." Adoptive parents bristle if you say to them, "What do you know about her real parents?" or "Do you know why she was put up for adoption?" Although trying...

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Inadvertent Fatherhood: Strict Liability for Sperm and the Consequences of (Un)planned Parenthood

The picture of the unintentional father has evolved from that of the hormonal teen who spent a fateful, bliss filled night in the back seat of his father's car, perched above the cityscape, only to find himself in the throes of diaper changing nine months later. Today, the picture is less sharp, and it often excludes the merriment of a...

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Myth or Fact: Are Egg Donor Agreements Necessary?

With the explosion in the use of donor eggs as a viable method of assisted reproduction, the medical and legal world entered a new era of third party reproduction. Because of the changing landscape of third party reproduction in general, and egg donation in particular, novel legal disputes and conflicting resolutions between the states have emerged and will continue to...

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Known Sperm Donor

Working with a sperm donor that you have any kind of relationship with is very different than finding one through a cryobank.

Because of the extensive amount of information required by sperm-or cryobanks, in order to become a donor, ironically, the cryobanks actually know more about their donors than the donors may know about themselves! This information is gleaned...

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The infertility work-up: a guide for lesbians

When couples decide that yes, it's time to have a baby, many excitedly set the stage for that first, heady, baby-making sexual encounter with a candle-lit dinner, soft, romantic music, and fingers crossed. For hopeful moms who are lesbians however, that scene might look a little different.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, same-sex households have increased by...

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The Library of Congress Misses the Mark with New Donor Subject Heading Addition

The Library of Congress (LC) recently announced that they were adding a subject heading to their catalog entitled, "Children of sperm donors". What is the importance of this announcement? It is the first time there has been an official acknowledgement from a well-known and recognized library institution that children conceived with the assistance of a sperm donor warrant their own...

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