pregnancy after infertility

How To Have An Empowered Pregnancy

To be empowered is to have the knowledge needed to make choices, the power and authority to have those choices respected, and the confidence in your own capacities to realize your desires.

Having an empowered pregnancy is a perfect example of this. Women can bring to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood their entire experience of their own bodies - both...

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Taking Baby Steps: Saying Goodbye to Your Infertility Team and Hello to Your Obstetrician

Current statistics show that around 60,000 babies are born as a result of assisted reproductive technology every year in the United States alone. We know that most of Path2Parenthood's readership is comprised of the men and women who are currently knee deep in their infertility treatment, and so hope that every one of you reading this blog will make it...

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Transitioning from an Ob/Gyn to an RE and Back Again

One of the most important aspects of riding the infertility roller coaster is partnering with the right medical doctor to help your parenting dream become a reality. Many people have long standing relationships with their obstetrician/gynecologist and choose to stay with this physician as they try to build their families. Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is the right...

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