Inside the ART Laboratory: Reducing Multiple Pregnancy

It has long been recognized that the success of assisted reproductive technology (ART: this term is used to include in vitro fertilization (IVF) and related techniques), depends on the quality of the ART laboratory. The modern ART laboratory is a place of precision and meticulous attention to detail. The ART laboratory is the location where eggs are cultured, embryos grown,...

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Parenting After Infertility

DURING INFERTILITY TREATMENT THE PURSUIT OF PARENTHOOD FAR TOO OFTEN GETS LOST IN THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF TREATMENT. THE DREAM OF HAVING A CHILD IS OFTEN CLOUDED BY THE NEED TO ACHIEVE A PREGNANCY. Fortunately, many women and men do emerge from fertility treatment into the world of parenthood. For some, this uncharted world is a challenge to navigate...

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The (Slightly) Older Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant

Are you losing one egg a month or millions? What's important for women in their late thirties and beyond to know about their pregnancy potential?

Sandy Goodman, M.D., of Reproductive Medicine Group, Tampa, discusses everything from weight to current recommendations for treatment options in this short video, The (Slightly) Older Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant.

This video is made...

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The Dilemma of Multifetal Reduction

How could I now be "too pregnant"? My husband and I had discussed our IVF plan ahead of time. We would not transfer back more than two embryos, maybe even just one. Reduction was never going to be a decision that we would be forced to make. But when we received the call from our nurse on day three after...

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