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Path2Parenthood Stands with Planned Parenthood

Did you hear that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation stopped funding breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood health centers because of pressure from anti-choice groups? It's completely outrageous, and we've had enough. We're not going to stop supporting Planned Parenthood, We're not going to stop fighting for women's health and rights, and we want the world to...

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Politicizing Healthcare

The recent decision by the Susan G. Komen foundation to stop funding Planned Parenthood really caught my interest. The Komen Foundation initially announced they would not fund breast cancer screening for patients at Planned Parenthood because they have a policy saying they will give no funding to programs that "are under investigation." Planned Parenthood was "under investigation" because anti-abortion groups...

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The Ongoing Discussion Around Reproductive Rights

The Chicago Tribune just released the results of a survey done by the independent,

non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation. They polled approximately 1,200 women and asked them their views on reproductive programs in the United States.

The results of the survey offered some interesting themes. The first was "about one third of American women believe there is a broad effort...

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