Abortion and Selective Reduction Clauses In Surrogacy Contracts: What Every Intended Parent and Surrogate Needs to Know

After years of waiting, hoping, and trying, parenthood is within reach: the IVF worked and your gestational carrier is pregnant. Now, an early prenatal visit reveals that the surrogate is carrying a high-order multiple pregnancy. Instead of the hoped-for singleton pregnancy-or even twins-the physician has detected four fetuses. For another couple, a routine ultrasound at the beginning of the second...

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Are You Connected?

If you only subscribe to Path2Parenthood's blog, you are not getting the whole story. Did you know that Path2Parenthood's monthly e-newsletter, Connect, features articles, videos, recipes and other family-building content you won't find anywhere else? Upcoming issues will include articles on reproductive rights, infertility's causes and treatments and lifestyle do's and don't that can enhance your fertility.


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Egg Quality: A Key Piece of the Infertility Puzzle

Dr. Alan S. Penzias, Surgical Director of the Surgery Center of Waltham, a division of Boston IVF and Co-Chair of Path2Parenthood's Board of Directors, discusses the impact of egg quality on fertility potential, in this short, informative video. Path2Parenthood thanks OvaScience, a life sciences company, for their generous support of this project.

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HIV Parenting Through Assisted Reproductive Technology

The lifespans of persons living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are growing with improvements in medicine. Many in this population are of reproductive age and looking for ways to safely have genetically-linked children. HIV can be transmitted through semen, making unprotected sexual intercourse a highly risky option that puts the woman and fetus at risk. Thus, the options for an...

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How Adoptive Families Can Prepare for National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month and celebrates adoption, adoptees, birth and adoptive families. There are national education campaigns, governmental advocacy efforts and state Adoption Days, all focused on building and strengthening adoptive families.

For adoptive families, the focus on how they became a family has its pros and cons.

Celebrating how they were able to build or enlarge their family...

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U.S. Tax Court Clarifies Egg Donor Income Questions

On January 22, 2015, the United States Tax Court held that an egg donor's compensation, despite being characterized as "pain and suffering," is not excludable from income but is taxable, gross income, as defined under the IRS code ("I.R.C."). The full opinion can be accessed here.

Nicole Perez, the petitioner in this case, underwent two egg donation cycles in 2009. Perez...

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Why Do You Need a Lawyer, Anyway?

Why Do You Need a Lawyer, Anyways?

As you travel through your journey towards parenthood, talking to a lawyer may not be at the top of your list - medical professionals, your insurance company, a support group - but attorneys? Yet, particularly when you are using donated eggs, sperm or embryos, surrogacy, or are not married, an attorney may...

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