male infertility

Erectile Denial

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode Three: Erectile Denial

Erectile dysfunction is a disease and an early warning signal - the incidence of having a heart attack later on in life is much higher for guys who have ED. What lots of guys don't know is that it's also a spectrum with stages, not just about never being able to...

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How Healthy Are My Swimmers?

Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer Episode Seven:

If you think your semen is the barometer to overall health, you may be right. There are factors which may affect overall sperm quality. These include:

Undescended or twisted testicle Hormonal Imbalance Chromosomal Defects Celiac Disease Varicocele Infection Anti-Sperm Antibodies Tumors Environmental Toxins Obesity Alcohol and Drug Abuse Anabolic Steroid Abuse ...

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Male Fertility and Nutrition

Male fertility is the result of a complex and delicate balance complex. Genetic, environmental, and behavioral influences all play a role. Nutrition has an important influence in the health of a man and scientific studies indicate that nutrition can influence his fertility.

Most Americans are well aware that there is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes amongst adults these...

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Treatment Options for Patients with Ejaculatory Dysfunction

Despite much less attention than erectile dysfunction and other male fertility problems, ejaculatory dysfunction can be one of the most frustrating sexual symptoms a patient can experience.

The purpose of ejaculation is to deposit sperm into the vagina for reproduction, and most men with these problems seeking an evaluation are younger patients desiring fertility. Ejaculatory dysfunction can be characterized...

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Understanding Male Infertility

Infertility affects 15% of all couples (an estimated 9 million) in their reproductive years. As a result, one in eight couples will struggle with infertility regardless of whether the diagnosis is primary or secondary. Despite 40% of infertility causes attributed to the male and 30% due to both the male and female, most men are reluctant to appreciate the high prevalence of their contribution....

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