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California Passes The Most Progressive Surrogacy Bill In The World

Late last year, in reaction to recent incendiary industry scandals and calls to modernize California statutes relating to third party reproduction, Governor Jerry Brown signed California Assembly Bill 1217, which became operative January 1, 2013, as California Family Code Sections 7960 et seq. Efforts to codify California law have been ongoing for two decades without success. Led by the lobbying efforts of Bill...

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Rufus Wainwright builds a family

On August 23rd Rufus Wainwright will be marrying his partner of five years, Jorn Weisbrodt, out in Montauk, Long Island.

I've always liked Rufus Wainwright's music, but only became interested in his family building story after I saw him in concert in July.

The show opened with Adam Cohen, son of the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, and...

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The Psychological Implications of Fertility Preservation Prior to Sexual Reassignment Surgery

We generally accept that every person has the right to create a family of their own. But for transsexual persons this did not seem obvious until the recent past because the hormone treatments and surgeries necessary for transition would leave those people unable to reproduce.

Thirty years ago a question about fertility preservation prior to sexual reassignment surgery had relevance...

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