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A wake up call for men

In addition to being Gay Pride Month, June is also Men's Health Month. Why talk about men's health? Because there is a not so quiet crisis going on. As noted on the Men's Health Network (MHN) website www.menshealthnetwork.org/ lack of awareness, poor health education and cultural influences have contributed to an ongoing deterioration in the overall state of...

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California Passes The Most Progressive Surrogacy Bill In The World

Late last year, in reaction to recent incendiary industry scandals and calls to modernize California statutes relating to third party reproduction, Governor Jerry Brown signed California Assembly Bill 1217, which became operative January 1, 2013, as California Family Code Sections 7960 et seq. Efforts to codify California law have been ongoing for two decades without success. Led by the lobbying efforts of Bill...

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Choices, Challenges, and Tensions: Perspectives of Lesbian Prospective Adoptive Parents

Although adoption by lesbians and gay men has become increasingly visible and acceptable, same-sex couples often still contend with legal and social discrimination throughout the adoption process. Particularly in the pre-placement stage (i.e., before a child has been placed with them), same-sex couples must often weigh their values and ideals against their desire for privacy, safety, and fair treatment ...

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Decent kind families under attack

The leaves are falling off the trees now. My street looks like it's paved in flame, it's so beautiful in the morning walking the dogs. I've always loved this time of year.

I live on a typical street, at least by Brooklyn standards. It's a family block. Lots of elderly people who have been here forever but lots of...

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IlluminationsLA 2012

Over 200 people attended Path2Parenthood's fundraiser, IlluminationsLA 2012, celebrating those who have made a difference in the areas of fertility and family building. This year, we recognized Dr. Richard Buyalos of Fertility and Surgical Associates, and Simon Halls of Slate PR.

Hosted by Josh and Lisa Greer at their exquisite Beverly Hills home, it was LA at its best....

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It takes a village to have a child - and then some!

So you want to have children? Great! LGBT persons have more options than ever before, such as third-party reproduction, including surrogacy and egg donation, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) coupled with sperm donation, and various forms of adoption, including domestic, international and foster care adoption.

We also have more roadblocks, especially inconsistent laws governing all of...

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Path2Parenthood celebrates family building at Illuminations LA 2014

The Path2Parenthood (P2P) recently honored three individuals at Illuminations LA 2014, celebrating the work the organization does in helping hopeful parents create family in all its diversity. The honorees were embryologist Dr. David Hill, Jeffrey A. Bernstein, Esq., a gay father through surrogacy, and foster care adoption advocate, Jeanne Pritzker. All three shared their moving stories with 250 of Path...

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Path2Parenthood's LGBT Handbook

This informational handbook is designed to give you an overview about family building for the LGBT Community. Everyone deserves to have the family of their dreams. We hope that this book will give you some of the tools you can use to make that happen. If you need more information, Path2Parenthood is here for you.

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Really? That's Amazing!!

Really? That's amazing!

That's the number one response we received from physicians when we discussed our outreach program to men living with HIV. The message is simple and extraordinary: with proper care, men living with HIV can have biologically related children. Though this is the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association Annual Conference, and we've been talking with physicians primarily...

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Report from the Gay Women's Gathering in Miami Beach

It was a dark and stormy night. No, really, it was a dark and stormy night! The Gay Women's Gathering in Miami Beach was still about half an hour from beginning, and already many of the women were arriving at the Miami Beach LGBT Visitor Center. Our gracious and charming host, Karen Brown, the Executive Director, was making everyone feel...

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Reproductive Options for Gay Women

For lesbians, there are a number of viable routes that can be considered when achieving motherhood is the goal. Some women will explore the concept of at home insemination versus intrauterine insemination performed in a doctor's office, and others will find themselves pondering the benefits of reciprocal IVF. One way or the other, if you opt to create your family...

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Rufus Wainwright builds a family

On August 23rd Rufus Wainwright will be marrying his partner of five years, Jorn Weisbrodt, out in Montauk, Long Island.

I've always liked Rufus Wainwright's music, but only became interested in his family building story after I saw him in concert in July.

The show opened with Adam Cohen, son of the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, and...

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The Adoption Home Study for Same-Sex Couples

Stories about couples readying themselves for their adoption home study are legion. Couples have been known to repaint their apartments, scrub between the bathroom tiles with an old toothbrush, and make sure there are cookies baking in the oven when the social worker arrives.

But what is the purpose of an adoption home study? It is designed to meet...

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