known sperm donor

Are Known Donors a Safe Choice?

Last week, the California Court of Appeal for Los Angeles County issued its opinion in Jason P v. Danielle S. In this highly publicized decision, the court allowed a known sperm donor to try to prove his paternity, and the case has sent ripples throughout the world of people who have used - or are thinking about using - known...

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Known Sperm Donor

Working with a sperm donor that you have any kind of relationship with is very different than finding one through a cryobank.

Because of the extensive amount of information required by sperm-or cryobanks, in order to become a donor, ironically, the cryobanks actually know more about their donors than the donors may know about themselves! This information is gleaned...

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Single Motherhood: The Choice

A month before my 35th birthday, I told my boyfriend that I wanted to have children. So…. he broke up with me the day after my birthday. Devastated - far more than the relatively short-lived relationship merited - I traveled solo around Madagascar to reclaim my adventurous spirit. A few months later I announced to a male friend that I i...

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