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Building Your Family Through Foster Care

The New York Times recently had a story about a man who found an abandoned baby in a New York subway. It goes on to tell how he and his partner found themselves in court 3 months later when the judge unexpectedly asked him if he would like to be a foster parent to this baby and without any hesitation or ...

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How to Begin to Heal from Infertility: Coping With Grief

I have been a licensed clinical social worker for 35 years and have found myself always interested in how people experience and cope with loss and grief. I have helped people deal with many different losses on a professional level. I personally have experienced the death of my mother, several dear friends, many close relatives, and had 2 miscarriages on my own...

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Infertility Treatment and the Law

In the past month, I have read about 2 cases where couples who had undergone infertility treatment ended up in court, contesting who had custody of the embryos. It got me thinking that technologically speaking, we have come so incredibly far in terms of assisted reproductive treatment since Baby Louise, the first "test tube baby" was born in 1978. When you...

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Insuring You Get the Most Coverage for Infertility Treatment

One of the most challenging aspects of coping with infertility is the high cost of infertility treatment. This is true regardless of the type of treatment you need. There are currently about 15 states that have some type of mandated insurance coverage for infertility treatment. (Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island,...

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Politicizing Healthcare

The recent decision by the Susan G. Komen foundation to stop funding Planned Parenthood really caught my interest. The Komen Foundation initially announced they would not fund breast cancer screening for patients at Planned Parenthood because they have a policy saying they will give no funding to programs that "are under investigation." Planned Parenthood was "under investigation" because anti-abortion groups...

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Remembering the Other Mother

This mother's day I was reflecting on my infertility journey and how I became a mother. My daughter, Grace, was born because of the kindness of an egg donor. I will never be able to meet her or thank her because she was an anonymous donor. I thought a lot about her. I knew things like she had the same...

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The Delicate Balance of Infertility Treatment and Work

One of the toughest challenges women experiencing infertility have to face is how to manage treatment and not let it impact upon their work lives. Infertility treatment is physically and emotionally demanding and requires medical testing which cannot always be regularly scheduled around office hours. When I was having my treatment, many years ago, I had to sneak out...

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The Emotional Journey Associated With Infertility

I would have another miscarriage following that one. My third pregnancy was filled with anxiety after suffering two previous miscarriages. My mother in law called and asked me if she could take me shopping for maternity clothes. It was a lovely and loving gesture. I couldn't tell her I was terrified to go because I wasn't sure how I would...

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The Emotional Road to Becoming a Dad

I read an article called "Deconstructing Dad" about how becoming a father changes men. The article looks at research showing how men are emotionally, physically, and biologically impacted by fatherhood. You can learn more at http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/ideas/2012/06/deconstructing-dad-2/

In this article I wanted to take a look at how trying to become a father can emotionally...

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The New Meaning of “Open Adoption”

I read an interesting article that raised some important questions at http://moms.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/27/10517672-frozen-embryo-open-adoption-raises-hopes-questions . The article was about a woman who had twins after IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment. She had 4 frozen embryos left from her last IVF treatment and she decided she did not want any more children. She chose to...

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The Ongoing Discussion Around Reproductive Rights

The Chicago Tribune just released the results of a survey done by the independent,

non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation. They polled approximately 1,200 women and asked them their views on reproductive programs in the United States.

The results of the survey offered some interesting themes. The first was "about one third of American women believe there is a broad effort...

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Transitioning from an Ob/Gyn to an RE and Back Again

One of the most important aspects of riding the infertility roller coaster is partnering with the right medical doctor to help your parenting dream become a reality. Many people have long standing relationships with their obstetrician/gynecologist and choose to stay with this physician as they try to build their families. Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is the right...

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