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Gender, Racial and Socioeconomic Treatment Disparities in Young Cancer Patients; The Shocking Truth in Europe and the US.

The malignant growth that is cancer does not discriminate-a person of any race, creed, color, nationality, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic status can be affected.

Our healthcare system does however discriminate between cancer patients.

When it comes to informing patients of the effects of chemotherapy and radiation on their fertility, studies conducted in Sweden and the US...

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Oncofertility: Finding Options for Cancer Survivors who Want to Have Children


According to a report by the national cancer institute, by 2015 one out of 250 adults will be a survivor of childhood cancer (Tangier, 2003). The good news is that, with early detection and rapidly improving treatment options, afflicted men and women live substantially longer than they have in the past: approximately 77% of reproductive aged patients with cancer now live at least 5 years...

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Path2Parenthood's Top Ten Fertility Myths

As a psychotherapist working in the field of reproductive medicine I have counseled hundreds of women and men about fertility-related issues, from preserving one's fertility and contraception to problems with conceiving and pregnancy. It is rare to find individuals who do not have mistaken ideas about their fertility. Numerous times women believe that looking youthful will translate into extending their...

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