elective single embryo transfer

Abortion and Selective Reduction Clauses In Surrogacy Contracts: What Every Intended Parent and Surrogate Needs to Know

After years of waiting, hoping, and trying, parenthood is within reach: the IVF worked and your gestational carrier is pregnant. Now, an early prenatal visit reveals that the surrogate is carrying a high-order multiple pregnancy. Instead of the hoped-for singleton pregnancy-or even twins-the physician has detected four fetuses. For another couple, a routine ultrasound at the beginning of the second...

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Inside the ART Laboratory: Reducing Multiple Pregnancy

It has long been recognized that the success of assisted reproductive technology (ART: this term is used to include in vitro fertilization (IVF) and related techniques), depends on the quality of the ART laboratory. The modern ART laboratory is a place of precision and meticulous attention to detail. The ART laboratory is the location where eggs are cultured, embryos grown,...

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The Dilemma of Multifetal Reduction

How could I now be "too pregnant"? My husband and I had discussed our IVF plan ahead of time. We would not transfer back more than two embryos, maybe even just one. Reduction was never going to be a decision that we would be forced to make. But when we received the call from our nurse on day three after...

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