egg donation

A Doctor, Patient and Dad Tells His Tale

As a reproductive endocrinologist at a large IVF practice, I am responsible for our third party reproduction program where we have an anonymous egg donation program. Over the years we have often discussed; what do children born from donor sperm and donor egg need to know (and have the right to know)? Now, as a parent of a donor-conceived child,...

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Gay Man's Guide to Becoming a Dad

This informational handbook is designed to give you an overview about family building for gay men.

For gay men who wish to be dads, surrogacy and egg donation are viable routes to parenthood, as is adoption.

If you are thinking about becoming a dad and considering all your options, this is a very exciting time for you. Whether you are...

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Myth Busters on Egg Donation

Myths surrounding gamete donation, like urban legends, are told and retold as truths when, in fact, they have little or no basis in reality. Most of the time they are false but some of the time there is an element of truth which serves not only to scare and confuse intended parents but to fuel the myth. Gamete donation practices...

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Myth or Fact: Are Egg Donor Agreements Necessary?

With the explosion in the use of donor eggs as a viable method of assisted reproduction, the medical and legal world entered a new era of third party reproduction. Because of the changing landscape of third party reproduction in general, and egg donation in particular, novel legal disputes and conflicting resolutions between the states have emerged and will continue to...

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