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Summer Conundrum - Sun Screens and Fertility

The Dilemma

I care about my skin; after all being an actress makes you more aware of sun damage (haven't you noticed the flawless complexions of Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep?). I want to know what kind of sunscreen they use! My friend and cast mate Marcia Cross (another flawless complexion) turned me on to a French sunscreen called La Roche-Posay...

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Yoga for Fertility

Brenda Strong can be seen (and heard) as Mary-Alice Young, the all-knowing narrator of ABC's smash hit "Desperate Housewives." While Strong's seemingly-perfect character committed suicide in the premiere episode, she starred in several flashback scenes as the mystery surrounding her death unfolded.

Strong is a certified yoga instructor who owns a studio in Los Angeles. She also produces and stars...

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