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Blogs We Love This Week – October 26th edition

Welcome to the weekend! With so many unbelievably interesting writers contributing to our knowledge base out there, Path2Parenthood has decided to devote our end-of week blog each week to some of the other blogs we adore. The content featured in this weekly shout-out will be as interesting and diverse as our readership. Get cozy and click away. - Corey...

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Coping With High-Risk Pregnancy After Infertility Treatment

As infertility technologies improve, so do success rates. Statistically, increases in pregnancy and live birth rates have been seen for women across all age ranges over the past decade. These success stories include pregnancies resulting from donor egg IVF cycles in older women. More women who have undergone infertility treatment hear the magical words "You're pregnant" than ever before, and...

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Does my daughter have PCOS? A guide for concerned moms

Who can forget the agonies associated with high school. The desire to fit in with the crowd, yet stand out as a star has taken its toll on just about every adolescent ever born. As if it wasn't hard enough, for some teenaged girls, the discomforts associated with these tumultuous years will be exacerbated by troubles with weight gain, polycystic...

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Empty Arms on Mother's Day

For all too many women, the most dreaded day of the year is Mother's Day. On this particular Sunday the thought of attending Church, or even of spending time with one's own mother might seem to be an impossible task.

In the United States 12% of women of reproductive age, or roughly one in 8 couples, are considered to be infertile....

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Gay Women's Gathering Comes Back to Brooklyn

I am a Brooklyn girl. Just ask my accent! But seriously, very little in life touches me more than working with the mostly young, unanimously optimistic and vibrantly life-loving lesbian community of my own borough. They bring out the mothering instinct in me and I adore them all. So of course, I'm thrilled that California Cryobank and Path2Parenthood...

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Hoochie Mama

Today, I simply want to send baby dust to all my brave TTC and TTA girls.

Today, I want you to be bold

Be brave

Hold your head up

Dry your tears, or wear them proudly

March into your doctor's office like you own the place

March into your life like you own that, too. Because you do


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Hysterosalpingogram, a common test for infertility

As part of the initial infertility work-up, your physician will wish to schedule a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG. The HSG is a type of x-ray test, designed to give your doctor a view inside your uterus, fallopian tubes and the surrounding area, in order to check for obstructions and abnormalities which can stop a pregnancy from taking place.

During the...

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Laura Linney and my own stupid musings

Recent headlines about Laura Linney giving birth at age 49 have sent my mind swirling, yet again, to a very distant time.

I grew up in a 1950's household consisting of two parents, two grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all in one house. Brooklyn was different then, as was everything. Some things were better and some things much, much worse, but...

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Live love laugh: Winning stress reducers for wanna-be parents

Blame it on the biological imperative but for many women, the desire to

have a baby becomes undeniable somewhere between their late twenties and early forties. Those first ticks of the college earnings account, the yearning to become a mom or dad is basic, undeniable and for those who have trouble conceiving, painful.

Studies show the average couple waits...

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Mini-IVF Yields Mini Success

If your reproductive endocrinologist offered you the option of doing a less expensive form of In Vitro Fertilization, which not only required less injected medication but also had the same success rate as the more expensive kind, you would probably jump at it. Especially during an ongoing economic slump when financing options for infertility treatment are not readily available.


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Olympic hopeful comes out as gluten intolerant

All eyes are on London for the Summer Olympics, which begin on July 27th. Literally thousands of athletic hopefuls will converge upon the city, with adrenaline running through their veins and a story to tell. Included in the roster of potential Gold Medalists is 25 year-old world champion swimmer, Dana Vollmer.

Vollmer recently entered into a partnership with Crunchmaster, a...

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Study links breast cancer risk to IVF in young women

The ASRM Office of Public Affairs has released information on a large, population-based study done in Australia, linking In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to breast cancer in young women. The study, led by Louise M. Stewart, B.Sc., utilized data from over 21,000 women and indicated that breast cancer rates are contingent upon the age of the woman at time of treatment....

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The infertility work-up: a guide for lesbians

When couples decide that yes, it's time to have a baby, many excitedly set the stage for that first, heady, baby-making sexual encounter with a candle-lit dinner, soft, romantic music, and fingers crossed. For hopeful moms who are lesbians however, that scene might look a little different.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, same-sex households have increased by...

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What is hydrosalpinx?

Hydrosalpinx is an accumulation of fluid in a fallopian tube. This build-up of clear, watery liquid causes the tube to become enlarged, damaged and blocked. The blockage prohibits the joining of sperm and egg, thus pregnancy cannot take place. Hydrosalpinx typically occurs at the tube end that is closest to the ovary. The hydrosalpinx may occur in one or both...

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