advanced maternal age

How Many Eggs Do I Have Left?

Carla M. DiGirolamo, M.D., Ph.D. of RSC of New England discusses how to anticipate fertility issues down the road in this video, sponsored by Attain Fertility Centers. To view other educational Path2Parenthood videos, check out our YouTube Library.

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One Good Egg: Scrambled and Fried at 45

I was out reporting in the field the other day, covering some sort of crime in the streets of Los Angeles, when a devoted viewer came up to say hello. After asking for an autograph and taking a 'selfie,' he turned to me and asked me if I have had any luck in getting pregnant. Now, this may seem...

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Your Summer Survival Fertility Tips List

What is it about summer that makes everything slow down or grind to a halt? I have had quite a few people tell me that they want to put a new project "on hold," deal with a health issue later, change a date or sort out some problems.

I'm not the only one; several others have queried the same...

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