Shout out for opinons on large donor-conceived sibling groups

My father died when I was eight years old. He was a Polish immigrant who came here before WWII and fought in the Pacific. I was an only child, and after my dad died I was so lonely. Most of my time was spent walking and daydreaming about a different reality I guess. My favorite daydream was that my dad was on a long business trip in Florida and would come home soon. My second favorite was that he had another family in Poland that my mom and I knew nothing about and that one day, the doorbell would ring and it would be my half-brother or sister standing there, waiting to meet me and say hello.

In my fantasy I always had one or two new siblings and of course best friends forever to meet and to belong to. I had forgotten all about this fantasy until recently, when I stumbled upon an ad on Craig's List for sperm donors. The ad was listed under part-time work and listed the requirements for being a donor as contributing a sperm sample one to three times weekly for a year, at a salary of $14,000. I did the math and well, no matter how you slice it that donor is going to help produce alot of kids. I have been told that donors expect five to ten children to be born as a result of their donation but some reports indicate that 75-150 is not unusual.

I am writing this blog today is because I want to open up this conversation, hear your voices and know your opinions. Professionals in the field, patients, donors, kids, everyone. I am writing a shout out to all of you to write your opinion on the Path2Parenthood blog page comment section instead of on various facebook pages so that it all appears in one place. You may have to sign in to do so, if you hit a snag email me and let me know. I realize that Wendy Kramer and DSR have been very involved in moving this conversation forward and I will be sharing this with her.

So, is this practice a good thing, a bad thing or a neutral thing? How do you all feel about large donor sibling groups? Is there a magic number or does it not matter at all?

Let's talk about it.

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