Report from the Gay Women's Gathering in Miami Beach

It was a dark and stormy night. No, really, it was a dark and stormy night! The Gay Women's Gathering in Miami Beach was still about half an hour from beginning, and already many of the women were arriving at the Miami Beach LGBT Visitor Center. Our gracious and charming host, Karen Brown, the Executive Director, was making everyone feel at home. All 50-plus of them!

The GWGs, as we call them, are a series of national events designed to help lesbians who are interested in creating their families chart a safe pathway to having a child. The faculty included a stellar and respected reproductive endocrinologist, Maria Bastillo, M.D. and an attorney well versed in all aspects of reproductive law and the LGBT community, Elizabeth Schwartz, Esq. Also on the facluty was Scott Brown, Director of Client Experience and Communication for California Cryobank, the evening's gracious sponsor. The key message: surround yourself with a great team and don't skip any of the steps, either medical or legal.

One of the things making these events so special is the commitment the attendees have about becoming moms. They come from all walks of life, some well-to-do, others struggling to get by. But motivated by their passion for family, they come, armed with questions that have never been asked, or have never been answered, or have never been answered to their satisfaction.

Time and time again, the same phrases are uttered: "If I only knew," or "I wish I had this information a year ago," or I didn't even know the right questions to ask."

All the presenters took on the best interests of those present like they were their own kids or their closest friends. It's not an exaggeration to say there was a real sense of love in the room, and I was deeply moved by being there.

That's why continuing to provide accurate, unbiased information for hopeful parents, is at the forefront of Path2Parenthood's work. There is a real need, and though there is plenty of information (and lots of misinformation) on the Internet, where do you begin? How do you know whom to trust? How do you know if the information is skewed in order to serve an agenda other than your own?

Our commitment to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or HIV status, is the same. We are your resource for creating your pathway to having a child. Whether you are in need of third-party solutions like donor egg, donor sperm, or surrogacy, or struggling to overcome infertility via assisted reproduction, adoption, or foster care adoption, Path2Parenthood is here for you.

Ken Mosesian is Executive Director of Path2Parenthood

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