PCOS and Hormones

September is PCOS Awareness Month. If you have PCOS and are reading this blog, you're probably already, all too aware of it, especially if you are trying to conceive. Still, the significance of this month is undeniable - many women have this all-too-common condition and never know it. Many others find out about it for the first time, when they are unable to get pregnant naturally. Bringing awareness to the world about polycystic ovarian syndrome is vitally important, because there are lifestyle changes women can make, years before they want to get pregnant, which will help them have an easier time of it later on.

Towards that end, please watch this video, from the Path2Parenthood/ American Fertility Association vault, featuring Mary Hinckley, M.D. We wrote and produced this piece under our old name, along with many others, years ago. It is still relevant, and worth watching, today.

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