Motherhood: Are You in, or Are You Out?

By Stacey A. Pawlak, Ph.D.

As Mother’s Day approaches, women of reproductive age take part in the Mommy Draft, whether we’re ready to play or not. Team Mom is generally seen as the ‘winning’ team, what with the cards, brunch specials, floral arrangements, macaroni necklaces, and shout-outs in the community, at church, and on social media. Every other w...

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Endometriosis and Food

An all too common diagnosis, endometriosis is diagnosed in at least one in 10 American women, and girls. Thirty to 40 percent of those diagnosed, and many others who are not diagnosed but who have the disease, will experience problems with infertility.

Endometriosis occurs when the endometrial tissue lining the inside of the uterus finds its way outside, and into other organs...

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Podcast: Family Building Options for HIV Positive Men

Episode Description:

Men who are HIV Positive have more options than ever before for having a safely biologically-linked baby. This comprehensive podcast explains the procedures and options that are possible, and is brought to you by Path2Parenthood, a nonprofit organization.



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Planes, Trains, and Foster Care Adoption

I travel in my job. A lot. And I adore it – or at least the work at either end of the ride. As we aggressively drive to assure that our most vulnerable children and youth have every opportunity for a safe, nurturing and permanent home, whether they are in Oregon or Vermont, Toronto or Miami, I have the opportunity to m...

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An Egg and a Sperm Walk into a Lab

By Brent Monseur, M.D., ScM

One of life’s greatest adventure stories takes place at the microscopic level. Often heralded as a pack of competitive explorers, sperm and their journey to the egg* often seems more like a fairy tale than a biological function. Typically, this reproductive process is portrayed as the proverbial perils a sperm must overcome to s...

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