Massachusetts fertility specialist to present webinar for gay male couples

I'm a Sam Pang fan. I first met Dr. Pang in Massachusetts when I went up to direct him in the Path2Parenthood video, "Reproductive Options for Gay Women." Since then, I have gotten to know Dr. Pang and continue to be impressed with his integrity, great caring for patients, and professionalism. Did you know that he coined the phrase reciprocal IVF? Yup, he did. Below is a press release about Path2Parenthood's upcoming webinar, Family Buildling Options for Gay Men, to take place on Wednesday, December 14th. It will be a powerful hour.

On December 14 at 3 PM EST, Dr. Samuel Pang, in collaboration with the Path2Parenthood, will present a live webinar titled "Family Building Options: Gay Male Couples Using Assisted Reproductive Technologies". The webinar will describe the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process available for gay male couples including medical aspects, legal considerations and costs, and outcomes.

In addition to treating heterosexual couples challenged by infertility, Dr. Pang has specialized in helping lesbian and gay couples have children through assisted reproductive technologies (ART) since 1989.

A pioneer in the field, he was the first Reproductive Endocrinologist in New England to provide IVF using donor eggs and gestational surrogacy for a male couple. In addition to helping couples in the U.S., he has become a well known provider to international gay couples from Europe and South America. He is sought out as an authority by journalists and Gay/Lesbian groups, and has presented on the topic of assisted reproductive technologies for same-sex and transgender couples to professional organizations such as the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA). RSC New England also maintains an educational website, dedicated to assisted reproductive education for lesbians and gay men.

In 2010,, conducted a survey of lesbians and gay men inquiring about their current status and future plans to become parents. Out of the 67% of survey respondents who did not already have children, 98% stated that they do plan to have children in the future. When asked by what means they planned to have children, 13% identified the choice of adoption. An overwhelming 87% stated that they plan to build their families using some form of assisted reproductive technology (ART).

For gay men, ART involves in vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor eggs and a gestational carrier. Assisted reproduction for gay men also requires medical management of this process, preferably from a Reproductive Endocrinologist who is without bias and culturally sensitive to the needs of gay couples.

RSC New England is a partner member of the Attain Fertility Centers national network of infertility treatment providers -- the largest in the nation.

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