Join Jessica Alba: Demand Congressional leadership and strong protections from toxic chemicals

Path2Parenthood is a proud member of the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Coalition. We applaud Jessica Alba for her work on Capital Hill, and urge you to join us in showing Congress that Americans care about the toxins we are exposed to every day.

Actress and mother, Jessica Alba has joined the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition!

Take action today and ask your Senators to support the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011!

The Safe Chemicals Act would increase the safety of chemicals used in your consumer products, increase public access to health and safety information, and protect vulnerable populations like pregnant women and children.

Will you join Jessica in showing Congress that Americans care about this issue?

We need a steady drumbeat of American moms telling Congress to fight for the safety of your family. Join me today in asking Congress for common sense limits on toxic chemicals.

Thank you,
Jessica Alba

Read Jessica's full letter here.

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