It was a very good year

I'm snow bound. Two feet of snow in NYC and not a plow in sight. Truth be told I've been enjoying these forcibly slowed down days, just me, the kids and the dogs. Of course Cabo (my three legged nut job) is having a hard time traversing the four feet high mounds of mush so he's getting carried as much as he is getting walked.

It's good to slow down. Slowing down lets my body and brain relax, and reminds me to give thanks for mine and my children's health and vitality, and also, to look out for my neighbors, the elderly, those who need help right now. It's good to remember to pull together.

It was a very good year. Path2Parenthood staff and board, our friends, our neighbors in the infertility community, pulled together in new, meaningful ways too. I know it sounds cliched, but it's true. It was a very good year.

For me personally, one of the things that made this year so meaningful was how much fun I had. My job is fun. I'm grateful for that too. Not everyone looks forward to Mondays, I'm very fortunate that way. In 2010 I got to spend a lot of time writing. I wrote for this blog and I wrote a series of fact sheets and videos, most of which went viral and really helped people move forward in their family building journeys. I wrote my first children's book and I'm proud of all that.

In 2010, Ken Mosesian and I were privileged to speak to college students at Yale. That experience was powerful in ways we did not expect. We touched, moved and inspired (and also entertained) young people who were eager to learn from us. Path2Parenthood will be continuing this college tour program throughout 2011. We will be lecturing at the University of Boulder, along with Mark Bush M.D., and also at the University of Maryland. Talking about infertility prevention has become a significant part of Path2Parenthood's mission simply because, we want to help people avoid infertility if we are able to do so.

I continue to be excited about writing for Examiner just signed an agreement with Reuter's, which will give us a greater scope than ever before. My column's subscriber numbers have tipped the 6,000 mark and I anticipate reaching 10,000 daily readers by mid March, at least.

I am proud to be the editor of this blog page. Our writers and contributors dig deep to bring you the information you need to know now about family building, every day. The variety of voices on this page enlightens and inspires us all. I guess its lucky six's for us, because the blog's readership is now around 6,000 per week as well.

So yes, it's been a very good year. This year has brought me special faces to hold in my mind's eye, a sense of pride and wonder at life, and a new love of kangaroos.

Happy New Year, dear friends. My heart holds only hope for all of you.



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