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I recently did a Pinterest workshop and learned, among tons of other things, about ICYMI. This particular acryonym, ulike my own overutilized LOL's, BFF's and TTYL's was previously unknown to me, but I found out how highly used it is by content purveyors web-wide who want to make sure their followers never miss a thing of interest. So I got to thinking about how many people think they access everything Path2Parenthood has to offer, simply through this blog or our website. Well, not so much.

Do you subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, Connect? I'm Connect's editor. I chew on every issue for a really long time, hoping to curate content that will educate, as well as touch, move and inspire our readership, most especially those who are hoping to bring a little one into their lives. I also use Connect as a communicator about great events Path2Parenthood is offering, like our telecoaching groups.

So first off, if you don't subscribe to Connect, fix that now.

Good job.

Ok. Here's a sampling of what we've been featuring in Connect, ICYMI:

A popular (and wildly handsome) reproductive endocrinologist tells his story of becoming a dad through surrogacy, here.

A savvy life coach offers her tell-all on dealing with those nosey co-workers when you're trying to conceive, here.

A very chatty newsletter editor (a-hem) shares her favorite nutritionist's tips for endometriosis, here.

Don't miss another issue. Sign up for Connect, here.

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