I am my own candy. Halloween tips for the TTC.

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. For many, this is a wondrous time of year, filled with family, fun, crisp autumn weather, and lots of candy. For others, particularly those who are desperate to conceive and unable to, this time of year may mark the beginning of a renewed sense of dread, and a feeling that the elite "Mommies Club" has an iron-clad, locked door, still. (No, I'm not forgetting the wanna be dads out there, but this particular Cheat Sheet is for women only). So here we go.

The thought of a never ending parade of toddlers dressed like cute little bees and tiny fairy princesses knocking at your door may be making you crazy right about now. Here are some tips to get you through October 31st.

Halloween is sexy. Halloween represents a great Grown-ups Only Party Opportunity. Go to a great event, or throw one. And don't forget to wear a costume that shows off your beautiful you. Not feeling sexy and pretty this year? That's OK. Why not fake it till you make it? It works. Really. Have fun with your honey and don't worry about having to get home early enough to meet a baby sitter's curfew. Better yet, throw a lock the door don't answer the phone sexy Halloween party for two. It may be hard to remember sometimes, but there are reasons to celebrate the two of you, just as you are right now.

Go ahead. Put yourself first. No matter what costume you choose to wear, you are a Queen. Don't forget to treat yourself like one.

Don't feel like shelling out $50.00 on sugary, cavity making treats? Then don't. Don't spend your money on that junk and don't answer the doorbell when it rings. Better yet, don't be home. No party to go to? That's why God invented movie theaters.

Get Scared. And not of the never ending parade of infertility tests, needles, and BFN's either, but of ghosts, goblins, and overgrown men dressed in inappropriate belly bulging costumes. No matter where you live across the U.S.A., a good cathartic scream (or laungh) is just a stone's throw down the road. So find a haunted rollercoaster and holler to your heart's content.

Tell your friends everything. Or nothing. Hey, on Halloween and on everyday, it's up to you who you share your life with. Going through infertility treatment is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, one in eight couples are currently going through it with you. Get the support you need from people you trust but feel free not to share the facts of life, yours or anyone else's, with people that are not there to support you.

Hold your head up and have hope. You're a Queen, remember? A little bit of baby making fairy dust is your legal right. Hang in there Halloween honey. Your time is coming.

Reprinted with permission from Examiner.com

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