Hoochie Mama

a fairy dust from the kings are adopting blog

Today, I simply want to send baby dust to all my brave TTC and TTA girls.

Today, I want you to be bold

Be brave

Hold your head up

Dry your tears, or wear them proudly

March into your doctor's office like you own the place

March into your life like you own that, too. Because you do

Today, I want you to wear too much gold

A little more lipstick than usual, or your favorite nose ring

Today, you are a hot, beautiful, wonderful, facing up to the world's challenges hoochie mama. (Don't worry about the Seinfeld definition, that's so old school, puleeze).

Today belongs to you and your baby dreams. Today I am sending you baby dust.

Today belongs to you

Inspired by http://thekingsareadopting.blogspot.com/

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