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Fighting the Good Fight! Vlog Report Live from Advocacy Day

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by Corey Whelan

About a year ago, I got a google alert for my name and found a very passionately written blog in response to an article that I had written on Celiac Disease and infertility.  The author was Marisa Horowitz-Jaffe.  Marisa and I have stayed in touch over the year, as we both have a lot of passion about this issue.  Well, yesterday we met face-to-face for the first time at Advocacy Day!!!!  I was thrilled.  Marisa let me film her for my vlog series, sponsored by Attain Fertility Centers, and here is her important story.  Do you have unexplained infertility?  If so, Marisa's story may resonate with you.

And by the way, Advocacy Day was incredibly moving for me.  I was jettisoned back to my experience of being an infertility patient and moved to tears.  I feel mad passioinate adoration for every man and woman who was there yesterday.  Bravo to you all for your courage. 

Now here's Marisa:





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