Claiming My Body

My mom never had regular periods. She was married for 14 years and got pregnant when she was 40. She was pregnant for five months before she realized it; everyone thought she was simply getting fat. So, when I, her only daughter, had had only one period by the age of 15, she took me to my first gynecologist. Stein-Leventhal he said, later to be known as PCOS.

Defensively I pretended, mostly to myself, that I never wanted to be a mommy. I was the wild one who would never settle down, roam the world and play. No domestication for me! But hard wiring took over and I desperately fought to conceive when I was in my thirties, and thankfully, through IVF, I made it.

PCOS, if you let it, robs you of a lot of things. It robs you of your femaleness, your sexuality, your birthright to walk the world as a beautiful woman. I remember 12 years ago, after I gave birth to Connor and Caitlin, the song that kept playing in my head, the one that I dedicated to my doctor, was Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman". For the first time in my life that was how I felt. But PCOS was still my enemy; I ballooned up to a ridiculous weight and felt more detached from my core than I ever had before. Through desperation, I turned to the Atkins Diet and shockingly, the lbs. rapidly cascaded off me; clearly this was what my insulin resistant body was craving.

So here I sit at 52 years old. I've learned how to eat and how to move and have claimed my body through low carb eating and the passion and joy of physical movement. I get a period, still, every 28 days, usually around 2:00 in the afternoon. I am as my co-worker Melinda puts it, the poster child for healthy living. I am beautiful. And I have taken a stand, in my life, to support every woman out there who has PCOS to walk the world as the beautiful woman she has the birthright to be. That is my commitment and the heart and soul of the work that I bring to Path2Parenthood. I invite you to join me. Life is a wonderful dance!

Yours in health and happiness,


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